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Panic attacks

I had suffered from panic attacks since Sept 1995, with symptoms of fast heartbeat, dizziness and breathing difficulty which may last for...

Breast cancer healed

I had breast cancer in 1998. In 2002, it went to my lymph node. In 2004, it went to my bones. A friend brought me to the healing rooms in...

Suspected of having cancer

I thank God for healing my son. I came to Healing Rooms to pray for my son, Anan who was suspected of having lung cancer. God healed him...


On 6 Aug 2013, I was being prayed for a condition in which I experienced numbness on my left arm and left thumb. 2 weeks later, I...

Precancerous condition

I want to thank God as He is Jehovah Rapha who had healed me of a precancerous condition of the uterus - as evidenced by the negative...


I have been cured me from my bladder problems and incontinence for the past 14 years. This issue has gotten from bad to worse; having to...

Neck spasm healed

For the first time, my doctor said that my neck spasm is almost healed and I do not need to come so often for my botox injection. My...

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