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On 6 Aug 2013, I was being prayed for a condition in which I experienced numbness on my left arm and left thumb. 2 weeks later, I...


I have been cured me from my bladder problems and incontinence for the past 14 years. This issue has gotten from bad to worse; having to...

Neck spasm healed

For the first time, my doctor said that my neck spasm is almost healed and I do not need to come so often for my botox injection. My...

Hearing again

My father Robert came for the "Open Heavens Healing Rally" on Friday night, 21 February 2014. My father was hard of hearing in his right...

Eye with pus

I had a growth in the eye with pus. Last week, I came to Healing Rooms for prayers. Two days after, I was healed as there are no more...

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