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Arteriovenous malformation (AVM) healed !!

In December 2003, whilst on a business trip in the United States, I was admitted to hospital with severe headaches, possibly suffering from meningitis. It was discovered later that these headaches were symptomatic of haemorrhaging within my brain as a result of a condition called AVM, with which i was born and of which I was not aware. I was then transferred to another hospital and surgery was performed on me to remove a blot clot in my brain. At age 35, I had basically had a stroke, suffering the consequences of such an event, including some loss of vision, loss of memory, physical imbalance, and lack of hand eye co-ordination. I could not cross the street without confusion and had to be led. The doctors advised that I would eventually regain these functions but probably not more than 80% over a period of 6 to 12 months. I suppose I should be thankful that I was alive. With this prognosis, I returned to Singapore in January 2004, feeling less than well as result of these physical disabilities and feeling emotionally strained. I started going to church and was told about The Healing Rooms, which I visited for the first time on 3 February. They prayed for me and I returned home with the same heaviness with which I had become familiar. But on Saturday morning, I woke up with a start as my vision had a clarity I had not experienced these past months. Something was different! Everything was clear! No more haziness! I no longer felt as if I was in a dream world! I believed that God had healed me. I followed what I had been advised to maintain my healing and continued to visit The Healing Rooms each week. On 11 February, I went to visit my Neuro Radiologist to ascertain when I would have to return to the States for another operation to secure the AVM in order to prevent a recurrence of haemorrhaging. He advised me that there should be no need to return as the need for surgery was zero. Also, my CT scans done in late February showed no traces of a clot! Since my second visit to The Healing Rooms, I had been able to swim and undertake physical activity with confidence. And I will be able to start work again in March. My recovery is miraculous and I give glory to Jesus and all thanks to God. This is only the beginning of my journey.

Mien T, 2004


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