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I lost my job

I would like to share that I Iost my job this Feb due to a mistake I made. I was not even able to pack my things before I leave. I was practically being chased out from office.

This incident caused a great fear in me. I totally lost confidence of myself. I kept dwelling on my mistake, felt depressed and dare not look for another job. I went to Healing Rooms for prayer, the team that prayed for me told me they sensed " a lot of fear " in me. This is totally correct. I shared my problems with them, they prayed for me for deliverance. Minister to me in my area of fear, prayed for me to have new opening. The specific words from one brother was, " God, show her a clear open door, and closed other doors that are not for her." I continued going back to Healing Rooms for more prayers in subsequent weeks. Everytime I went, I would receive accurate word of knowledge pertaining to my situation.Some of the words released were encouraging to me, telling me the mistake I made did not made me a failure.

God has His purpose to allow such things to happen, because He has better plan for me. By march 2018, I recovered and was strengthened and started looking for job. I managed to find a job on 5 April, and the work place is near my house, I can just walk there. Praise God for His provision. Abigail See

13 May 2018

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