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Delivered from dark forces

My name is Steven Yip.

This is a true testimony of my deliverance experience with the Healing Rooms which released me from dark strongholds by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Before my deliverance, I used to love Horror movies and at times during sleep, I would feel dark forces pushing and quashing over me. Sometimes to the extend that I can't breathe.

Naturally I would wake up in a frightened state. Sometimes I would call out Jesus' name to cast away these unnatural experiences. Sometimes it worked but it also can recur. It wasn't a permanent solution.

I sometimes also have short bursts of anger which almost went into uncontrollable stage. But I do tend to come down after 5 minutes. It was one day , we visited Chris from the Healing Rooms with my former colleague Adeline who introduced me to Chris. It was just pure coincidental that Chris had to rush to a meeting and we asked her what it was about. She mentioned she volunteered at the Healing Rooms. On our next meeting, Chris talked about her experience at the Healing Rooms and the things she saw. That bought me to open myself to her about my nightmare experiences. Chris suggested for me to go for deliverance at the Healing Rooms. After giving it some thought I finally agreed.

We went there, and a group of volunteers prayed for me. There were about 5 to six people there. They anointed my head with Anointing oil and later Anointing water. Soon the group leader asked in Jesus name for dark entities inside me to reveal themselves. It was strange. I felt my body moving. Arms and fingers tingling. And soon would sway from one direction to another and as he claimed in Jesus name to cast out the spirits. I did feel dark things coming out and at the end I fell back onto the chair. It was a very bizarre but yet a true experience. After that I did feel a sense of ease and freshness and in all honesty I have almost none of the nightmare anymore, no more of those strange disturbance and I am also not as keen to watch horror movies these days .

I know what I went through was a true Deliverance by the Power of Jesus Christ.

These days I tend to pray more and rely and trust in Jesus. It is a true experience that I wanted to share and urge those who have uncontrollable temper. Loves horror movies to consider themselves for deliverance.

These dark forces maybe working inside us without us even knowing it and it spirals and spirals to get worse. Without proper deliverance by the power of God you can't overcome it by yourself. It may affect your life, the way you see things in a dark way without you even realizing it. That’s how deceptive the evil one can be, so do get help before it is too late. Amen.

Steven Yip

14 Sept 2017

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