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Delivered and reconciled

All I wanted was to help my Brother (Desmond).

Thinking that he needs to go through deliverance. Thank God, not only my Brother felt a sense of break free in his life & he said he doesn’t get angry easily. Unexpectedly, just to accompany him reveal my deep & hidden struggles, which I thought I have already dealt with and lifted it up to God many years ago. I realized that I have this “self-blame” that tormented me. I was really shocked at how I screamed and manifested. However, through the sessions with the team in Healing Rooms, I had my healing & deliverance! I felt liberated, free and loved by God.

Most importantly after the 2 sessions, there’s reconciliation between my Brother and I. When I’m with him I don’t feel hatred and irritated anymore.

In fact, we had a meal yesterday after healing room and for the first time I didn’t rush through the meal (used to quickly finish eating so as not to spend too much time alone with him). For the first time, Desmond shared about his work with me and it was an enjoyable meal!

All Praise & Glory to Jesus!

Desmond & Emily 17 July 2018

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