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God revealed and heals

On 16 September 2009, I had pain on the right side of my abdomen. I went to SGH and had to do several tests and a CT scan.

I went to Healing Rooms for ministry while waiting for the results of the CT scan. The Healing Room minister saw 2 growths in my liver; one large and a smaller one, which was also bleeding. He even pointed out the position of these growths and sensed that God said "It was ok!"

A month later when I return to SGH for my scan results, the specialist informed me that my liver has 2 growths; one larger and the other was smaller and showed the position of the growths. He also said that one was bleeding but that was ok!

I told the doctor that I knew and he asked if i seek a second opinion.

I said that Jesus Christ had revealed through a minister from Healing Rooms. I gave him a Healing Room calling card and told him to visit if he ever needed.

A few months later, the same HR minister told me that there was a "present" from heaven for me. He prayed for my liver and I passed out blood in my urine 45 mins later.

Subsequent visits to the doctor confirmed that i was well and no longer needed to return for review! All praise to God...

Angela Kek

21 February 2014

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