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Healing of eye stroke

Shalom Aleichem everyone, my name is Lye Yeng.

Year 2021 supposed to be a blessed year for me as I am actually enjoying my retirement. But suddenly towards September I was diagnosed with left ear tinnitus and CT scan also showed that I have Dehiscence of right superior semicircular canal issue though thank the Lord no significant hearing loss. ENT Specialist of NTF said I need to learn to live with tinnitus and if I can't then she will refer me to a counselor. Thank the Lord by His grace I managed so far to live normally.

Another storm hit me for towards December through a regular eye check-up, NTF eye specialist found out that my left eye suffered a superotemporal branch retinal vein occlusion (eye stroke). The eye specialist simply told me to review in two months time and referred me to poly clinic to monitor for the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. I was in a state of shock and really don't understand what is going on. I immediately requested my home cell group and Okios cluster team mates to pray for me. I also requested polyclinic doctor to refer me to Singapore Eye Center for second opinion for my eye stroke as well as to SGH ENT for my ear issue.

I managed to see the eye specialist in Singapore Eye Center before Chinese New Year and he told me that the clot area has improved. But since the clot is a concern so he would refer me to a Retina Medic to examine me further. I felt depressed and it is at this time that I decided to get help from Healing Room ministry via zoom. I was prayed for and I received a release within me.

A week later I went to consult the Retina Medic and he told me that my left eye stroke is clear that he will review me in four months time though I have slight cataract and some floaters.

After I received the Lord's healing of my eye stroke, I suddenly realized that the Lord might be actually using my ear and eye issues to restore my faith because of my fear of COVID-19. The fear has caused me to hide at home for almost a year without venturing out except for essentials. And no connections with others as well.

All glory to Jesus and thank the Lord for His mercy and grace in healing my eye stroke and most of all restoring my faith in him (though I still clinging onto His healing for my ear issues). I am grateful for all the prayers sent out to God for me especially from the Healing Room team. Indeed I come to believe that there is nothing impossible for the Lord, Amen.

Lye Yeng

Feb 2022


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