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Shoulder tendon miraculously healed

I had a bad fall from the treadmill machine on Oct 23 and injured my right shoulder. After my x-ray at the clinic, the doctor called me on Saturday morning and sounded panicky. She asked if I was in severe pain and revealed to me that the radiologist said that there were some irregularities shown on the surface of the shoulder and suggested a MRI be done.

On Tuesday Oct 28 my GP referred me to an orthopaedic consultant at Gleneagles Medical Centre where a MRI was done. The results revealed that my rotator cuff/ shoulder tendon was torn and severely damaged.

The consultant suggested that arthroscopic surgery was required. When I saw the video clip on the surgery, I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained out. In this form of surgery, the patient is placed under general anaesthesia and the surgery is performed using specialized arthroscopic equipment and 3 titanium screws were placed in the shoulder, which I could not accept at all. The surgery costs approx. S$13,000.

The consultant then asked me to think through my decision. When he later called me, I told him that I was not mentally prepared for the surgery and the cost is too high. I told him I believed God would heal me miraculously.

Then I shared this with my church friends and I was so determined to go to the Healing room at Church on November 4. God’s healing took place instantly. I could raise my right shoulder and it was swinging so fast when I was on my way home… Praise God! I claimed “I am healed” and sealed it in Jesus Name! Amen! Praise God! God proved His faithful love to me- He never left me nor forsook me during this trying period…He’s so great and good all the times… All Glory Be to our God!

I was then scheduled to see Professor Kumar at NUH for a 2nd opinion on November 5. Professor Kumar asked me to perform some movement with the right hand and elbow and asked me if I felt any pain. I said “Not at all.” He could not believe it. When I told him that “Jesus has healed me miraculously”, he gave me a smile and said it was amazing that I did not feel any pain where he pressed me very hard on the different part of the injured shoulder and that I could raise the right shoulder.

After this, he asked his assistant to arrange for an x-ray to be taken on my right shoulder. Professor Kumar was really surprised and amazed by the x-ray report as there was no fracture shown at all: he could not believe it was healed within such a short time. He and the trainee doctor in his room could not believe their own eyes - both of them kept going back and forth between the 2 reports to take a harder look as they thought their eyes might be playing some tricks on them. They then asked me “Are you sure that the “1st x-ray and MRI belongs to you name”, and I said “Yes, Jesus healed me miraculously”. Both of them gave me another smile. Professor Kumar repeatedly said that normally if there is a fracture & tear of the tendon, it is a very serious case and a surgery is required but for this instance, he could not give further explanation and comments.

All Praise, Honor and Glory to Our God!


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