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Like Esther

Our first visit to The Healing Rooms was marked with a clear demonstration of the Lord's love. My daughter, Clare and I had visited a Christian bookshop that afternoon, where she had picked out two books, one called "Esther" and the other "Solomon", neither of which I would allow her to buy and we bought some other book instead. That evening whilst the ministry team was praying over my daughter, who had had a persistent asthmatic cough, they told her that she would grow up to be like Esther with the wisdom of Solomon. Only the Lord could have known of what had happened earlier and I thank God for His love for my daughter, for He alone would have known the rejection she must have felt. I knew then that He would heal her of this cough and indeed, by the third week, her cough has stopped completely. I give all thanks to God.

Sally Thng, 2004

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