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Gold pins in my body!

For many years, I suffer from pains all over my body; my shoulders, lower back, knees and heels. I struggle out of bed every morning and every step was heavy and painful.

I wore back support, knee support and use soft heel pads and was prescribed Voltaren to help manage my pains and inflammation. I was also consulting with a Physiotherapist, went for massages and even bought an OSIM chair to help relieve the pain. Sometimes, I felt that the pain will only disappear when God takes me home.

I came to know about Healing Rooms from my friend, Colin. Even before I stepped into Healing Rooms, I was given a prophecy that "there were gold pins embedded in my body that caused a lot of pain.

While waiting to be called for prayers, a counsellor told me that there was unforgiveness in my heart. She advised me to forgive the person who had stolen my gold and silver bars! I knew it was God speaking through them.

When I met the minister, he anointed me with oil and water. My body and hands started to contort and a spirit within me identified itself as lucifer. I was shocked as I have been a Christian for many years and don't expect to host an unclean spirit in my body.

The minister then commanded the spirits of covetousness, greed and self-righteousness to leave me. Immediately, I felt the spirit of lucifer left me and all the pain was gone too!

I was in awe. I used to think that only doctors could cure but this only took under 10 minutes and besides, Jesus Christ's healing is Free! I removed my shoe pads and walked freely out of the room. The heavy load had been lifted from my body! I slept well and woke up next morning with a renewed body; no longer struggling to get up and no more pain in my body! Thank you Jesus and all glory to God!

Victoria T

May 2014

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