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Numbness in arm

On 25th Nov 2015, while walking out for lunch, I felt a sudden electric sensation through my

left arm. It felt weird. Didn't have such a feeling before. When I touched my arm, it felt a little numb and strange. But soon along the day , I was busy with work and didn't pay attention to the strange feeling. The next morning, when I woke up, I felt something wasn't right. My left and right hand were different. My left hand was numb and didn't have much feeling. I tried pinching myself, but couldn't really feel the pain. I was scared. I quickly consulted my dad and saw a doctor that day. When the doctor examined Me, it was obvious that the pain numbness was from my palm all the way to my upper arm area. it was frightening, especially for a young lady. The doctor said it is very strange and rare. if it continues, i would need to be referred to a specialist. As the week went by the pain and numbness didn't got any better. I could feel weaknesses in my hand and arm. even holding a spoon to drink my soup was a chore to me. everything felt very heavy. I was very afraid. I decided to follow my dad to the healing room the following Tuesday and was prayed for. I had faith that God will heal Me in Jesus name ! Slowly, I got better. I know Jesus has healed Me. It has been almost a month and I feel no more numbness. All glory to God!

Kayee F, Nov 2015

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