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Rheumatoid arthritis healed

My Name is Honey Bee. I went to the Healing Rooms last month.

I was recommended by my Manager to just go for prayer, for the healing of my hand and leg pain. I had been suffering pain for 2 years. According to doctors I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. None of the medicine helped me.

After the volunteers prayed for me I could bend my knee a little. Day by day it got better. Though at times I have pain but now I can walk with ease. I had lost faith in GOD for many years but after the session I have begun to believe in God again. Thank you for that. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for not letting go of me even after I have lost faith in Him. There is no words as to how I feel now. My heart is filled with gratitude and love and peace.

Thank you Lord. Thank you all for helping me in the process.

Honey B

27 Feb 2019

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