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Thrombosis healed

About 3 weeks ago, my husband woke up with severe pain in his right arm. He was perspiring profusely. I quickly wet the ‘anointed’ small towel (prayed over by the Healing Rooms team), asked God for His anointing to flow as I wiped him down from the head to his arm that was hurting. His arm was cold and hand was turning blue. We went to the GP and was advised to see a hand specialist as no pulse was felt in his wrist. The orthopedic, too, could not locate a pulse and said he should see a vascular surgeon because there could be a block that restricted the blood flow. So, we went to the vascular surgeon. He has a gadget that amplify the sound of the pulse and blood flow but no pulse was present. He then sent us to do ultra sound and CT Scan to determine the location of the blockage. In preparation for possible operation, we went to see my husband’s regular cardiologist. He confirmed the absence of pulse and advised speedy intervention as the blockage has restricted blood flow as evidenced from the ‘blue’ colour of the hand. Any delay would cause him to lose the use of his arm. While waiting for the scan, I had activated a few prayer partners to pray as well. Meanwhile, I have decided that we would do the ultra sound first and if it confirms the blockage than the CT Scan. While waiting, I continued praying silently and stroking his arm. It was then I released warm is returning to the arm. His hand was less ‘blue’, in fact pinkish. The ultrasound confirmed blood flow has resumed to over 60 percent. The vascular surgeon said there was a thrombosis, artery was blocked, but not sure what happened. Praise the Lord!! I know what happened. God removed the blockage! At the end, the surgeon prescribed anticoagulant for a week as a precaution. Praise the Lord!!

Christine A

Jan 2018

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