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Very sick

I have been very sick in past week with nose ear jaw throat pain and bad headache and was prescribed a course of 7-day antibiotics for sinus infection at the polyclinic on 8 Feb morning. Thank God, my ART and PCR tests are both negative, despite 2 of my family members were Covid positive.

I attended healing room ministry on zoom with Church of our Saviour on the same day 8 Feb at 8.30pm. A vision of a pair of blue birds perching on the tree branch was shared with me - signifying total freedom from fear, anxiety, stress and lack. I teared and was affirmed that my Father God loves me far more than the birds and will provide for me. I was also led to pray for healing over all sicknesses and to receive healing by faith.

The next morning on 9 Feb, I woke up feeling refreshed and much better.. at first, I thought it was because of the antibiotics I took...but only to realise all 14 caps of the antibiotics are still intact in the plastic bag!

My doctor friend confirmed that it is no longer necessary to take the antibiotics since I am already better.

Thank you Jesus for healing me! Praise the Lord!🙌

Lina Ang

9 Feb 2022

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